Klotz HiTrate Racing Gas Concentrate


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Klotz HiTrate Racing Gas Concentrate

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  • Converts 92 octane pump gasoline to 103-105 octane racing gas
  • Unleaded formula
  • Provides smoother torque curves for more usable power
  • Cost-effective alternative to race gas
  • Blends gasoline and ethanol enriched fuels
  • Not for sale or use in the State of California


    Mix 1 gallon of HiTRATE Racing Gasoline to 9 gallons of 91+ octane unleaded pump gasoline. This will yield an octane rating of 103 to 105 depending upon the quality and purity of the pump gasoline. This octane level will provide excellent results with compression ratios up to 11:1 to 12:1. 100 octane aviation gasoline may be used to produce octane levels of up to 110 plus. Jet changes are sometimes necessary when changing octane or base gasoline brand. A gasoline’s specific gravity will alter fuel viscosity and performance. Take several plug readings then adjust timing and jets accordingly. Shelf life is extended when stored or resealed in the original container.


    For use with unleaded, oxygenated (MTBE) pump gasolines. Will blend with petroleum oils and synthetic lubricants when mixed as directed.

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