Windshields: HPE carries 2 main brands: Sno-Stuff OEM Snowmobile Replacement shields, and PowerMadd’s Cobra shields, for snowmobiles & ATVs. We also carry some Seizmik Versa-Flip shields for SxS ATVs.

Cobra snowmobile windshields:
* Cobra shields are made from premium, optical-grade polycarbonate for a brilliant surface and distortion-free viewing.
* 080″ thick material for a more durable, longer lasting shield
* Exclusive, full-flared design for optimum wind protection
* Improved aerodynamics. Less drag for more speed
* Custom graphics and colors to give your sled a hot look. Available in smoke, clear and solid colors
* Unmatched strength and cold weather flexibility

Versa-Flip windshields:
* Install easily with basic hand tools and no drilling required
* Steel header panel for added stability and reduction of wind intrusion
* All hardware stays on the roll cage regardless of configuration
* Versa-Flip has 3 configurations: upper, lower and full – quickly change on the fly without tools!
1. Use just the upper windshield for dusty trails because it pressurizes the cab, keeping out dust while allowing air into the cab
2. Configure just the lower windshield to force the air down, out of the riders face
3. Full windshield for full protection of the elements
* Plastic hinge holds two pieces together
* Integrated rubber bumpers keep pieces from rubbing together
* Clamps with ball studs ensure that windshield stays in place even over rough terrain
* Trailerable to 65 mph
* Works with OEM roofs and nearly every aftermarket roof, nearly all soft and hard tops

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