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  • 2001-04 Sportsman 400 Hub Clutch Rollers

    Our machined and hardened steel rollers are designed as an exact replacement to the Polaris roller. These rollers fit into the aluminum front hub clutch on your Polaris 4×4. Replace your broken or corroded rollers at a fraction of the cost. Sold each or as a kit of 6 rollers to rebuild one hub clutch.

    This front 4×4 hub roller fits many 1993-09 Polaris Sportsman, Magnum, and Xplorer 4×4 models, including the following:

    1993-96        SPORTSMAN 4X4

    1999-00        SPORTSMAN 335

    1997              SPORTSMAN 400L

    2001-04        SPORTSMAN 400

    Replaces Polaris part #3250010. Sold as a set of 6.


    2001-04 Sportsman 400 Hub Clutch Rollers

  • ATV UTV 50″ 60″ 72″ Snow Plow Blade 16″ Marker Kit for Moose Utilities Plows – Same as M91-50040

    Add these corner markers to any Moose ATV/UTV snow plow blade to offer better visibility and safety. Flexible yet hard plastic is made to withstand severe cold weather without cracking or breaking. Integrated stamped steel mounting base. Simple to install, just drill one hole in each upper corner of the blade and bolt in place with the included hardware. 16″ tall. Sold as a set. The perfect replacement to the Moose M91-50040 plow markers.

    $24.95 $22.46
  • Polaris ATV/UTV Cotter Pin (OE: 7661203)

    Brand new cotter pins. These pins are commonly used on early and late model Polaris ATV/UTV steering and suspensions.  Replaces Polaris Part number 7661203. Sold individually or as a pair.



    100-3518-Polaris-ATV-UTV-Snowmobile-Replacement-Cotter-Pin-7661203 100-3518-2-Polaris-ATV-UTV-Snowmobile-Replacement-Cotter-Pin-7661203

    Polaris ATV/UTV Cotter Pin (OE: 7661203)

  • Polaris EFI Fuel Pump Retaining Nut Removal / Install Tool

    Time to service the fuel pump on your Polaris machine? Check out this heavy duty tool from Quad Logic! The fuel pump retainer nut often times becomes stuck and very difficult to remove. Order our tool before attempting to remove the nut the incorrect way. If you do happen to break the factory nut Quad Logic also offers replacements! We developed this tool to work with the OEM fuel tank nut as well as many replacements. This retaining nut tool works with most Polaris EFI Sportsman, Scrambler, Ranger, RZR Models.


    2011-21 RZR (All Models)

    2007-21 Sportsman (All EFI Models)

    2009-21 Ranger (All EFI Models)

    2009-21 Scrambler (All EFI Models)


    Shipping from Ramsey, Minnesota (USA) within 24 hours allows you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

    We make every attempt to ensure every items fitment is accurate. We do the testing on each item before its listed for sale to ensure fitment and quality. Items may fit multiple years and models listed.

    Returns are subject to 15% restocking fee.

    $24.95 $22.46
  • Polaris Front Strut Hardware Kit – Includes Washer, Nut and Rubber Spacer

    New replacement Front Strut Washer,Nut & Rubber Spacer for your Polaris ATV. These three items are used at the top of your strut.  Replaces Polaris 7555749 (Washer), 7547104 (Nut), 581029 (Rubber Spacer). Fits the following models and more:

    2016 ACE 325
    2017-’19 ACE 500
    2016-’19 ACE 570
    2016 ACE 900
    2000-’02 MAGNUM 325
    2003-’06 MAGNUM 330
    1995’98 MAGNUM 425
    1996-’97 MAGNUM 425 6X6
    1999-’02 MAGNUM 500
    2010-’14 RANGER 400
    2006-’08,  ’11-’12, ’17-’22 RANGER 500
    2014-’22 RANGER 570
    2006-’09 RANGER 700 6×6
    2013-’14 RANGER 800
    2011-’13 RANGER CREW 500 4X4
    2014-’22 RANGER CREW 570
    2008-’09 RANGER CREW 700 4X4
    2015-’16 RANGER ETX
    2004-’06 RANGER TM
    2005-’06 RANGER XP 700
    1997-’12 SCRAMBLER 500
    2008-’10 SPORTSMAN 300
    1999-’00 SPORTSMAN 335
    2001-’05, ’08-’14 SPORTSMAN 400
    1993-’97 SPORTSMAN 400L
    2006-’07, ’16-’22 SPORTSMAN 450
    1996-’13 SPORTSMAN 500
    2000-’08 SPORTSMAN 500 6X6
    2014-’24 SPORTSMAN 570
    2003-’05 SPORTSMAN 600
    2002-’07 SPORTSMAN 700
    2005-’14 SPORTSMAN 800
    2008-’13 SPORTSMAN TOURING 500
    2014-’22 SPORTSMAN TOURING 570
    2008-’09 SPORTSMAN TOURING 800
    2006-’09 SPORTSMAN X2 500
    2019 SPORTSMAN X2 570
    2008 SPORTSMAN X2 700
    2007-’09 SPORTSMAN X2 800
    1990-’06 TRAIL BLAZER
    2008-’13 TRAIL BLAZER 330
    2003 TRAIL BLAZER 400
    1987-’92 TRAIL BOSS
    1985-’02 TRAIL BOSS 250
    2001 TRAIL BOSS 325
    2003-’13 TRAIL BOSS 330
    1990-’92 TRAIL BOSS 350L
    2000-’02 XPEDITION 325
    2000-’02 XPEDITION 425
    1995, ’00-’01 XPLORER
    1996-’99 XPLORER 300
    1999-’02 XPLORER 400
    1996-’98 XPLORER 400L
    2002 XPLORER 4X4
    1997 XPLORER 500
    1996-’99 XPRESS 300
    1996-’97 XPRESS 400

    Replaces Polaris part Numbers: 7555749

    $9.95 $8.96
  • Polaris Intelligent Fuses

    We put together a kit of all the popular fuses for Polaris ATV’s and UTV’s. These are the intelligent style fuse. The kit includes two 5 amp, two 10 amp, two 15 amp, two 20 amp and two 30 amp fuses. These fuses are great to keep in the machine in case you have trouble on the trail.  Replaces Polaris part number 4011652, 2434016, 4010859, 2434017, and 2434015. Fits many Polaris ATV and UTV models.  Sold as a Pair of each or a kit with two of every size.

    Replaces Polaris Part Number: 4011652, 2434016, 4010859, 2434017, and 2434015.


    Polaris Intelligent Fuses

  • Polaris Primary Clutch Spider Tool

    New Polaris Primary Clutch Spider Tool. Our unique design uses 6 bolts to help hold the tool in place.  The 6 bolts are screwed in using the the clutch cover holes. Made with 1/4″ thick steel and uses a 3/4″ ratchet. This tool is used on Polaris ATV/UTV P-85 & P-90 clutches. (Was commonly used on mid 90’s to current models.)

    We make every attempt to ensure every items fitment is accurate. We do the testing on each item before its listed for sale to ensure fitment and quality. Items may fit multiple years and models listed.

    Returns are subject to 15% restocking fee.

    $49.95 $44.96
  • Polaris Sportsman 400 Front Lower Storage Box

    Made with durable plastic, this lower storage box provides a secure and convenient place to store all your essential items. With its spacious design, you can easily carry extra gear, tools and personal belongings.  No more cluttered and bulky pockets or backpacks. Keep your belongings safe and secure.


    2005 SPORTSMAN 400
    2006-’07 SPORTSMAN 450


    REPLACES POLARIS PART NUMBER(S): 2203484, 1202838 and 2633377

    $199.95 $179.96
  • Polaris Sportsman 400 Rear Shock

    New replacement rear shock for your Polaris ATV. Get your plush ride back by replacing your worn out shocks with these OEM quality Hydraulic replacements. Fits either left or right side.


    2005 SPORTSMAN 400
    2011-’14 SPORTSMAN 400


    2006-’07 SPORTSMAN 450
    2016-’23 SPORTSMAN 450



    Shipping from Ramsey, Minnesota (USA) within 24 hours allows you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!


    Polaris Sportsman 400 Rear Shock

  • Polaris Sportsman 400 Yoke with U-Joint

    Polaris Sportsman 400 Front Prop Shaft Replacement Yokes with U-Joints already installed!  See application chart for proper year and model.  Replaces the following Polaris numbers:  Front (Rear) Prop Shaft: 3260131   Front (Front) Prop Shaft:  3260133

    Fits the following models:

    2001-’05   Sportsman 400
    2008-’10   Sportsman 400 HO 4×4

    REPLACES POLARIS: 3260131 & 3260133

  • Polaris Sportsman Decal Graphics Kit

    Give your 1996-2004 Polaris Sportsman a makeover with this affordable graphics kit. Too often your machine with get ripped, torn, or faded graphics over the years that can reduce its appearance and value. We designed this kit to be an OEM look unlike the other crazy flames, skulls, etc wraps that are out there. This kit both updates the style and appearance of your machine at a fraction of the cost of OEM graphics.

    Includes graphics for both the left and right sides of the machine as well as the handlebar pod. Comes with 335, 400, 500, 600 and 700 stickers so you can choose the ones to match your machine. Heavy gauge 10 mil vinyl is extremely durable for outdoor use and UV resistant as well. Color neutral black, white, and grey (with a touch of red) will look amazing on any color of machine. We included all the applicable engine size decals as well so you can pick the correct one for your machine. Includes all the decals shown in the picture.

    Will fit all 1996-2004 Sportsman 335, 400, 500, 600 and 700 models

    Shipping from Ramsey, Minnesota (USA) within 24 hours allows you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

    $69.95 $62.96
  • Polaris Sportsman Ranger RZR Universal Plastic Wire Retainer Clip

    Replace your broken retainer clips with these direct replacements from Quad Logic. Its very common to find the clips broken while servicing your machine. These clips are used on almost every Polaris model from 1999-2022. Commonly used to hold brake lines, wiring, and differential breather hoses.

    Directly replaces Polaris part Number: 7670102

  • Polaris Sportsman Rear Brake Pivot Bushing

    Replace worn out or sloppy pivot bushings with these improved machined brass pivot bushings from Quad Logic! The cheap stock plastic bushings can break, crack, or even deform. Replace them for good with these upgraded bushings. These bushings are used on the Sportsman’s, Ranger’s, Trailblazer’s, Magnum’s, and more Polaris ATV/UTV’s. Sold individually or in a pair. 



    Polaris Sportsman Rear Brake Pivot Bushing

  • Polaris Sportsman Secondary Clutch Buttons & Screw Kit

    Replace those worn or broken secondary buttons and get your clutches shifting properly again.

    Sold as a set of THREE buttons and mounting screws.

    Exact replacement for Polaris part number 7511854 and 5430766.

    Fits almost all 1985 though 2014 Polaris ATV’s (Except EBS and Team clutches):
    1999-00 Sportsman 335
    2001-05 Sportsman 400
    2011-14 Sportsman 400 HO
    2006-07 Sportsman 450
    1997-13 Sportsman 500 (Does not fit EBS models)
    2014 Sportsman 570

    $12.95 $11.66
  • Roll Pin Punch Tool

    Working on your front differential can be a real pain without the correct tools. Get the job done fast and correctly using this roll pin punch tool by Quad Logic. We developed this tool to remove the Pin Spring (Roll Pin) that you see on most of Polaris’s drive train. You can use an air hammer if you have one or just use a normal hammer. Be sure to use a new one each time you remove the old one. Works with the following models and more:

    Polaris ATV’s from 1993 to Current

    Polaris RZR UTV’s from 2008 to Current

    Polaris Ranger UTV’s from 2003 to Current

    $24.95 $22.46

    Roll Pin Punch Tool

    $24.95 $22.46
  • Sportsman (1989-98) Spark Plug NGK BR8ES

    A misfiring engine or loss of spark could simply be a bad spark plug. Replace it quickly and easily with this spark plug you would find at the dealer but not paying the extra cost.  Genuine NGK BR8ES spark plug.  Replaces Polaris part number 3070156. Sold EACH. Fits the following models listed below.

    1993        250

    1994-95   300

    1993        350L

    1994-95  400L

    1989-92   Big Boss

    1997        Big Boss 400L 6×6

    1994-97  Sport 400L

    1993-96  Sportsman 4×4

    1997       Sportsman 400L


    $8.95 $8.06

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