Piston Kits

Pistons: HPE carries many snowmobile pistons for Arctic Cat, Moto Ski, Polaris, Ski Doo, and Yamaha – all from SPI and Wiseco. Also many replacement pieces – rings, clips, and pins – for snowmobile, motorcycle, and ATV pistons. You may even find a cylinder head or sleeves for a vintage Arctic Cat!

Wiseco pistons are unique among aftermarket piston manufacturers in the United States because it is the only brand that produces pistons strictly using the forging process. Starting with aerospace-grade aluminum, the forging process compresses the material’s molecules, increasing the density of the aluminum and aligning the grain flow of the alloy, resulting in a high-quality product that’s resistant to impact, fatigue, and has improved material properties such as ultimate strength and ductility, which is a material’s ability to stretch or move without breaking under tensile strain. For high-performance race applications (where increased horsepower and compression can stress an engine’s components further than a stock engine), it’s of critical importance.

SPI pistons are another great choice, with their economical cast pistons.

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