Spark Plugs: HPE carries primarily NGK (and some Brisk plugs), as well as resistor caps, wires, and caddys.
With over 50 years of expertise, NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc.’s family of products are driven by perfection. Known for OE legacy, NGK is at the forefront of durability and performance. As the leading supplier of OE plugs for power sports applications, NGK is trusted by OEMs to keep equipment running at superior performance levels.
The NGK Difference:
* High-grade alumina silicate ceramic – Creates a stronger insulator to reduce dielectric punch-through (caused by spark exiting through side of ceramic)
* Cold-rolled threads – Prevents cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads
* Trivalent plating – No anti-seize required
* 98% pure copper core – Increased heat dissipation for reliable starts, prevents spark plug overheating
* Special ground electrode designs – Higher ignitability, reduced quenching
All NGK spark plugs must pass extensive testing procedures and quality checks to ensure fit and performance.
• Mechanical vibration testing
• Thermal shock testing to -40°F to prevent water splash damage
• Tightest resistor manufacturing process in the industry
• Gap measured with laser precision throughout production process
• Precise 360° welding of ground electrodes to ensure accurate positioning
Reasons to replace spark plugs more often:
* Optimal performance
* Quicker starts
* Less fouling
* Better fuel efficiency
* Less down time

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