Axles: HPE carries a variety of Drive Axles for your ATV/UTV/SXS, mostly from Interparts (and a few from EPI).
CV axles are some of the most crucial and highest-loaded parts of all-terrain vehicles. Responsible for torque transfer at constantly varying angles, they enable your ATV to have large suspension travel and good traction. Given the harsh off-road environment such vehicles are normally used in, axles are subject to impact and abuse. Since their design and strength have to comply with the vehicle's characteristics and application, you may want to consider installing stronger aftermarket axles if you're about to install larger tires, increase ground clearance, or use your machine for heavy-duty tasks.
Interparts is a company that has been manufacturing CV axles for decades, providing direct replacements for stock parts – but many of them feature improved characteristics. All the axle bars are made of chromoly steel known for its superior strength, while the joints feature inner moly grease, outer stainless steel low-profile clamps, and other features contributing to the overall reliability and longevity.
Interparts axles come fully assembled and feature high accuracy, and most kits also include a spindle nut and washer. There are many configurations including front, rear, right, and left axles; the brand's assortment is large enough, so whether you own a 2WD or 4WD vehicle by Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, or other global brands, Interparts has you covered.

(Stock photos used. Actual product may vary).

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