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Wiseco Piston Kit - 1995-98 Ski Doo 440cc

Wiseco Piston Kit - 1995-98 Ski Doo 440cc

Ref: SK1205

Our Price:

Total Price:    $264.42

Standard Piston Kit

  • Dedicated forging
  • Lightweight
  • Race proven design
  • Precision piston ring

  • Superior strength and optimized design
  • Less vibration and improved throttle response
  • Added durability and improved heat transfer
  • Fast break-in and ultimate ring seal
  • Reduced friction, quieter operation, improved scuff resistance

  • 67.5mm Bore
  • 61mm Stroke
    Cast Iron Bore, Pro-Lite

    Fits 454 Engine Type:
  • 1995-98 MXZ 440 Cross Country

    -Wiseco piston KITS include a set (enough for a complete engine) of matched and balanced pistons (2375M06750), rings (2658LK), circlips (CW18), piston pins (S477) and a complete top end gasket set