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Wiseco Piston Kit (1.50 Oversize) - 1993-98 Ski Doo 670cc

Wiseco Piston Kit (1.50 Oversize) - 1993-98 Ski Doo 670cc

Ref: SK1199

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Oversize Piston Kit
  • Wiseco forged pistons are superior in strength and design
  • Engineered to provide the best possible path for combustion chamber heat transfer to cylinder walls
  • Designed to provide a more uniform bearing surface under piston heat expansion, eliminating localized pressure and distributing thrust loads more evenly, thereby preventing piston collapse
  • 71mm Bore - These pistons are 1.50mm Over Std bore size
  • 68mm Stroke

    Nikasil Bore

    Skirt Coated
    with Wiseco ArmorGlide

    Fits: 779 ENGINE TYPE
  • 1997-98 MXZ 670
  • 1993-96 Formula Mach Z
  • 1996-98 Mach Z LT

    Oversize Piston Kit
    1.50mm Bore Size

    -Wiseco piston KITS include a set (enough for a complete engine) of matched and balanced pistons (2434M07100), rings (2795CD), circlips (CW18), piston pins (S511) and a complete top end gasket set