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Rox Anti-Vibration Pivoting Handlebar Riser - 2

Rox Anti-Vibration Pivoting Handlebar Riser - 2"

  • Anti-Vibe design reduces vibration in bars at high RPM's and provides a shock dampening feature to protect components and rider during harsh impacts.
  • Adjustable - Dual rotation points makes Rox Handlebar Risers selectively adjustable forward and back, allowing you to fit your handlebars to your preferred riding position.
  • Universal - With its two piece design, Rox Riser will install on virtually any snowmobile that has clamps to hold the handlebars.
  • CNC machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum anodized gold.

    Note: Your OEM bar must have at least 1" of space BELOW the bar where it currently clamps in order to accommodate the bolt that runs through the body of these Anti-Vibe risers. If your machine doesnt have 1" of space below where the bar currently clamps then these risers will not mount correctly. Rox risers are NOT designed to be used with clip-on style handlebars!