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Klotz Synthetic Uplon Fuel Lubricant

Klotz Synthetic Uplon Fuel Lubricant

Ref: KL-107

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Upper Cylinder Fuel Lubricant
  • 1 Quart treats 55 Gallons

    Klotz Synthetic Uplon fuel lubricant will challenge and outrun the competition in many ways. Added seal conditioners maintain constant fuel pressure and prevent lean-out conditions. Uplon increases horsepower by reducing power-robbing friction and its anti-wear chemistry reduces valve and valve guide wear. Uplon also improves the ring seal for higher combustion chamber pressure and power and eliminates the need to use after-run lubricant.

  • Provides upper cylinder and fuel pump lubrication
  • Protects the induction and fuel delivery systems from the dry, abrasive properties of methanol alcohol
  • Increases horsepower by reducing power robbing friction
  • Helps maintain constant fuel pressure and prevent lean-out conditions
  • Blends with methanol alcohol and gasoline
  • Perfect for all Race Engines - Karts, Autos, Motorcycles, ATVs, etc
  • *Snowmobile use: Recommended for turbos