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Dalton Arctic Spider Shim - DSS-A1

Dalton Arctic Spider Shim - DSS-A1

Ref: DSS-A1

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This one piece spider shim has been successfully used by many clutch tuners to increase belt grip at take off on some of the recent Cat models*. Previous (pre-2007) Arctic drive clutches had three of the .060" washers under the spider. Some 07-09* models now come with less shims (2 x .060", 1 x .030"). These clutches with less shims are sensitive and sometimes engage higher even with less spring rate than earlier years. By replacing the existing washers with this one piece shim it moves the spider out slightly, so that the flyweight is "untucked" more at first engagement for better leverage, and increases belt grip on some high torque models and is a good improvement in belt life. This shim is .180" thickness of large diameter, and .020 of small diameter.

DSS-A1 = .180/.020