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Replacement Reed Gasket - Ski Doo 600-1000cc

Replacement Reed Gasket - Ski Doo 600-1000cc

Ref: 912-039

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Original replacement gaskets for the VForce reed valve system by Moto Tassinari
Each time you inspect your reeds for wear (which you should be doing twice a season) you should always replace the gaskets to make sure the seal has not and will not be compromised. Always replacing gaskets is cheap insurance against air leaks which can ultimately lead to severe motor problems such as sucking dirt or an extremely lean condition.

Please note, all gaskets are sold individually so, if you require two, please make sure to add two to your cart

  • MXZ 700/800, 600HO/800HO, 600SDI/1000SDI
  • REV & ZX Chassis