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Rage Cage Power Pack - Ski Doo 800cc

Rage Cage Power Pack - Ski Doo 800cc

Ref: 911-035

Our Price:


Rage Cages and PowerWings - with all required hardware - at a savings over individual parts purchased alone
  • Dyno tested and proven with runs that verify HP gains are achieved sooner, peak higher and carry longer
  • Significantly less power drop when exhaust valves open
  • Cast aluminum body will not fail or tear like plastic or rubber parts
  • Dual-stage carbon reed design for improved performance and extended reed petal life
  • PowerWings optimize the throttle body to maximize air volume for quicker throttle response and stronger acceleration
  • Simple bolt-on installation with no modifications required; you get everything you need in each specific kit

    Fits Ski-Doo:
  • 2008-16 800 R Power T.E.K. (Uses OEM Manifold)

    Includes: Rage Cages, Power Wings & Gaskets