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Digatron DT-64K - Performance Data Acquisition System

Digatron DT-64K - Performance Data Acquisition System

Ref: 908-254

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Digatron's performance data acquisition systems for snowmobiles offer advantages for both the racer and the hill climber.
Monitor your engine and obtain your maximum readings, or utilize their full capacity by replaying engine information on the instrument or downloading to your PC.
Whether you are looking for peak engine performance or a system to monitor engine modifications, this information can be obtained from your Digatron data acquisition system.

DT-64K w/6 Functions:
Tach and Up to 4 Temperatures TPM, Mount

This is the most powerful, most versatile, and most heavily researched instrument that Digatron has ever produced.
With it, you will be able to read and store data from up to four temperature sensors, up to two tach sensors, a beacon receiver, and have the option to record data from a MPH sensor.
  • Through the new multi-IO port, you will be able to record data from up to an additional 8 sensors
  • Programmable - Allows you to display your data via a number of different options
  • Backlit for low light driving conditions
  • Enough memory capacity for over 3-1/2 hours of continuous data collection, for those truly long days at the race track
  • Large easy-to-read displays and full data logging
  • Eight (8) bright lights serve as an ideal engine warning system

    Includes: 1 Tach and 2 Temp Sensors, & mount
    Added on to this unit:
  • 1 EGT Sensor 5' 2.5" Clp/TC EGT Fast Response
  • 1 Jackshaft Kit 5' TC/TC 1"
  • 1 Water Temp Sensor Kit 60" TC 2 pieces