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Anti Stab Wheel Kit, Split - Polaris & Ski Doo

Anti Stab Wheel Kit, Split - Polaris & Ski Doo

Ref: 900-193

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Stab wheel kits help to prevent track spearing by preventing the track from coming into contact with the tips of the suspension rails. These wheel kits can replace the stock limiter strap mount. You need to know if you have a centered or off-centered limiter straps.
  • Include all of the necessary hardware needed to mount the wheel kit to the tips of your rails, which includes four 2 3/4 rubber wheels, shaft, spacers and bolts
  • Highly recommended when removing the stock plastic rail tips
  • Remember to use thread lock

    For: Polaris & Ski-Doo
  • Split Stab Wheel Kit
  • 8 5/8" Shaft