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X-Calibar II Runners, 1987-89 Ski Doo

X-Calibar II Runners, 1987-89 Ski Doo

Ref: 505-423

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Sno-Stuff X-Calibar II Carbide Wear Rods - 505-423
  • The original X-Calibar carbide wear rods
  • Bars feature various lengths of 60 center carbide for control, hardweld filler sections for durability, and some have carbide wear pads for even more wear resistance
  • Longer studs work with ski skins
  • X-Calibar II feature four inches of 60 center carbide
  • One-inch carbide pads front and rear
  • Hardweld filler between front and rear carbide for added wear resistance

  • The long ones on the 1988-89 Escapade
  • The long ones on yhe 1989 Voyager
  • The outer ones on the 1987-88 Stratos