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Galfer Brake Pucks - 1992-96 Yamaha VMax

Galfer Brake Pucks - 1992-96 Yamaha VMax

Ref: 422-300

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Galfer Brake Pucks are manufactured with Kevlar and Carbon composites, which work in any terrain and condition, cold or hot weather. They are composed of carbon and basalt fibers as well as aramid fibers and other special materials. This produces a fade-free material that is excellent for wet or dry conditions.
  • Brake lever pressure is reduced considerably
  • Does not damage rotors at all

    Galfer Front & Rear Brake Pad - Semi Metallic Carbon
  • Great feel and modulation for OEM replacement
  • Long lasting
  • Good in wet and/or dry conditions
  • Overall a very versatile compound for almost every need
  • GG Rated

    For the following models using 89A.25811.01 original:
  • 1992-96 V-Max 4
  • 1994-96 V-Max 500 E, DX, ST
  • 1994-96 V-Max 600 E, DX, ST
  • 1995-96 V-Max 4 800, ST