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SLP MTX Clutch Weights - Polaris

SLP MTX™ Clutch Weights - Polaris

Ref: 40-129

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SLP's MTX Clutch Weights harness the horsepower of your RZR 800 by transferring it more efficiently to the wheels. Their unique heavy heel and special weight profile provide substantially greater shift force, delivering improved acceleration and top speed. Other benefits include smoother engagement and very responsive back shift. Adjustable by adding weight via rivets (up to 6 grams per weight), this offers precise tuning ability for your application.
  • Sold per set of 3 including tuning rivets (six-1gram aluminum, six-2gram hollow steel, and six-3gram solid steel rivets).
  • Rivets are machined to achieve specific weight tolerances.

    Note: 2008-09 Polaris RZR 800 models will require the spider in the primary clutch to be shimmed .070" for proper belt-to-sheave clearance

    62 gram MTX Clutch Weights for 2008-09 RZR 800