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12V Dashmount Battery Indicator

12V Dashmount Battery Indicator

Ref: 320-128

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12V Dash-mount Battery Indicator works with NOCO Genius battery chargers and allows the battery chargers to connect quickly to any battery from wherever the Dash-mount Battery Indicator is located. Built-in LEDs indicate the charge level of the battery, for ongoing monitoring. The ultra-efficient LEDs flash, draining almost no power from the battery. Replace a standard Eyelet Terminal Connector or permanently mount one on your ATV, Motorcycle, Car, Boat or any other vehicle for easy charging. The Quick Connect port built directly into the Dash-mount Battery Indicator makes connecting a NOCO Genius Charger easy. The cable has Eyelet Terminals on the end and allows the Dash-mount Battery indicator to be located up to 80" away from the battery for easy access and monitoring.