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Hot Air Elimination Kit - 2015-18 Polaris Axys - Left (Clutch) Side

Hot Air Elimination Kit - 2015-18 Polaris Axys - Left (Clutch) Side

Ref: 32-634

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These vents provide cold air inlet and hot air escape from the chassis for cooler underhood temperatures which helps to maintain higher horsepower.
  • Featuring SLP's Max Flow air vent technology
  • Utilizes injection molding encapsulate stainless steel mesh to provide the maximum air flow through the chassis while keeping snow out
  • More readily shed snow and more durable
  • Helps to keep the clutches running cool

    Left (Clutch) Side Kit
    3 Piece Kit

  • 2015-18 Axys & Axys RMK

    Note from SLP: Through extensive testing we found that the fan action of the clutch and the placement of these vents create a flow of cold air into the side panel and out the footwell area. We found by doing this the wind speed out of the footwell area increased a full 13 miles per hour at full shift out. This results in much cooler clutch and belt temperatures for increased belt life and less chance for performance loss due to heat saturation.