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Wiseco Piston - 1980-85 Yamaha SS440

Wiseco Piston - 1980-85 Yamaha SS440

Ref: 2309M06600

Our Price:

Total Price:    $95.20

Standard Piston
  • Wiseco forged pistons are superior in strength and design
  • Engineered to provide the best possible path for combustion chamber heat transfer to cylinder walls
  • Designed to provide a more uniform bearing surface under piston heat expansion, eliminating localized pressure and distributing thrust loads more evenly, thereby preventing piston collapse
  • 66mm Bore
  • 64mm Stroke
    Cast Iron Bore

  • 1980-85 Yamaha SS440

    -Includes one individual piston, rings (2598CD), pin (S477) and circlips (CW18)