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Comet TAV 2 3/4 Torq-A-Verter

Comet TAV 2 3/4 Torq-A-Verter

Ref: 218353A

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This is the original made in the USA Comet TAV2 Torque converter kit. Designed to be used on go-karts and mini-bikes with engine sizes 3hp to 7hp. This is a must on live axle go-karts especially those with rear tires larger than 16" tall. A centrifugal clutch will not pull or hold up to these demands.

  • Driver pulley 3/4" bore
  • Driven pulley 5/8" bore
  • Drive belt asymmetrical
  • 10T sprocket for #40/41/420 chain
  • Backplate and cover
  • All necessary hardware to install kit