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Comet TAV 30-75 Torq-A-Verter

Comet TAV 30-75 Torq-A-Verter

Ref: 218352A

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This is the original made in the USA Comet TAV2 Torque converter kit. Designed to be used on go-karts and mini-bikes with engine sizes 3hp to 7hp. This is a must on live axle go-karts especially those with rear tires larger than 16" tall. A centrifugal clutch will not pull or hold up to these demands.

  • Driver pulley 3/4" bore
  • Driven pulley 5/8" bore
  • Drive belt asymmetrical
  • 12T sprocket #35 chain
  • Backplate and cover
  • All necessary hardware to install kit

    This is an asymmetrical type torque converter system which means the sheave faces are non-symmetrical. They have different angles. In this case, the movable sheave face is 18 while the stationary sheave face is 21/2 for a collective angle of 20 1/2. Here are some reasons for selecting the asymmetrical concept: The Asymmetric concept operates on an in-line principal with the torque sensing cam in an outboard attitude. Only this system is designed to operate this way, thus providing the proper alignment for the final drive chain to be on the same side of the vehicle as the P.T.O. This offers some very significant advantages to mounting requirements in many cases. The asymmetric concept, having the 18 angle on one side requires less sheave face travel to lift the belt to larger, comparable pitch diameters of the symmetrical system. This makes it possible to force the belt to a diameter within the drive clutch (at high RPM) that exceeds the usual 1:1 ratio of standard systems. The TAV can actually attain an .90:1 or 10% overdrive.

    Typical applications: Go karts, Mini Bikes, Wake Wrenchs, Industrial Equipment, Junior Dragsters, Material Handling Equipment.

    Additional Information:
  • Two Mounting Bolt Circles (3-5/8" & 5") with multiple positions to fit virtually any application
  • Universal Cover - custom cut chain opening for your application
  • Strong Cast Mounting Plate -provides rigid system mount with no belt adjustment necessary
  • Drive Sprocket
  • Dual Ball Bearing Support - for long durable life even under demanding conditions