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C1-M Cam Arm - 38 gram

C1-M Cam Arm - 38 gram

Ref: 208967A1

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  • 102-C, 108-C and 108-EXP clutches all use the same basic cam arm
  • 108 4-PRO clutches use FOUR cam arms. (To find the required cam arm weight, add the weight of three cam arms used in a 108-EXP or other three-post clutch, add 14%, then divide by FOUR. This will give you the required new cam arm weight.)
  • When ordering cam arms for a 108 4-PRO clutch, you must order FOUR cam arms to get the correct weight
  • All cam arms sold each

    NOTE: All cam arms are sold EACH. You must order FOUR of these arms to get the correct cam arm weight for a 4-PRO clutch and THREE for the 102-C and 108-EXP clutches. 38g
    Profile C1-M