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Speed Chip - Arctic Cat

Speed Chip - Arctic Cat

Ref: 201-510

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Performance EFI chips for stock Arctic Cat models. Changing your EFI chip can both lean down fuel flow and alter ignition timing at select RPM ranges. The result is not only increased horsepower but also very respectable response and acceleration gains. It is very important to use the exact chip for your model including the same color code as on your ECU box and injectors. Engine damage may result by using the incorrect chip
  • Trail chips require 92 octane premium fuel (non ethanol)
  • 660' drag chips require 100 octane fuel.
  • 660' drag chips are for not more than 660' drags
  • Use of aftermarket chips may void factory warranty
  • For use with stock engine & exhaust systems only
  • Limited to current stock

    Blue ECU
  • For 1996 700 Wildcat
    4 HP Gain

  • PRICE REDUCED! Was $38.95