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CV Boot Kit

CV Boot Kit

Ref: 19-5014

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All Ball CV Boot Kit - 19-5014
  • Includes Molybdenum Grease which is Lithium based for increased CV joint life
  • Designed for the high joint angles and requirements of modern ATVs and UTVs
  • Abrasion resistance increased by 50% and 40% higher tensile strength over conventional material
  • Kits include two stainless steel clamps for installation without the use of special tools
  • 18mm Shaft ID
  • 64mm CV Body ID
  • 97mm Length

    Front Outer only on the following models:
  • KVF650F/G Brute Force 4x4i 2009-12
    Can Am:
  • Mule 610D/E 4x4 2010-12
  • Mule 610A/C 4x4 2009 (VIN JK1AFEA19B547192 and above)

    Front Outer and Rear Outer only for the following models:
  • LT-A500X King Quard 2009-10
  • YFM550 Grizzly/EPS 2009-12 (all)
  • YFM700 Grizzly/EPS 2009-12 (all)