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LED Turn Signal Kit ATV/UTV

LED Turn Signal Kit ATV/UTV

Ref: 180-210

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These turn signal lights are small, discreet and VERY bright. And you can customize it to just your taste and look.
NOTE: Remember that the elctrical componets in this kit are just part of what you need to get Street Legal. Your state may have additional requirements or may not allow OHV's to be street legal. Most ATV's and UTV's are designed for off-road use, we assume no liability for using offroad vehicles on-road. This kit is generic and is not sold as a street legal solution for all states, it is incumbent upon the purchaser to understand requirements and laws for their particular state.
This kit contains:
  • Four Small LED Ultra-Bright lights, 3/4" Diameter with panel mounting grommet
  • Toggle Type Turn Signal Switch, mounts on your dash, not in your way. With Rubber Boot
  • Signal Flasher
  • Signal Indicators, to let you know the signals are on
  • 130db Horn, loud and proud, not some Tin Horn
  • Horn Button with Rubber Boot
  • License Plate mounting bracket
  • Lcense Plate lighting
  • Plenty of wire to get the job done
  • Fuses and Fuse holders
  • All needed connectors
  • Detailed color diagrams with instructions
    These lights are multi-diode lights that are extremely bright.