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800 E-Tec Fuel Programmer

800 E-Tec Fuel Programmer

Ref: 141-100

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Ski Doo
This is the only true E-TEC naturally aspirated fuel adding system on the market! The simple bolt on allows the user to be adding fuel at multiple areas across the powerband.

Kit comes complete with every necessary item and is all plug and play.

  • Enables the user to ad fuel at any rpm range.
  • Simple plug and play system with no splicing or wiring involved.
  • Complete factory looking appearance.
  • Enables precise AFR tuning with any bolt on product. (big bores, heads, pipes, etc)
  • Kit comes complete with ever necessary component. No need for any additional items.
  • Complete kit can be installed and used within 20 minutes.
  • Fuel Programmer comes with base mapping to make custom tuning faster and easier.