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SLP High Flow Intake Kit - 2007-11 Arctic Cat 800/1000cc

SLP High Flow™ Intake Kit - 2007-11 Arctic Cat 800/1000cc

Ref: 14-305

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High Flow Intake Kit
The stock 800 and 1000 intake is quite restrictive, primarily in the nose of the hood where the air intake tapers down and connects to the bellows.
SLP has eliminated this restriction by increasing the volume of the air intake in this area.
  • This intake kit further maximizes consistency by utilizing two additional vents that are positioned low and forward.
  • These vents draw in cold dense air, even when the upper outside stock intake vents get partially plugged in deep powder snow.
  • Increases midrange power for better throttle response and delivers anadditional 2 horsepower peak.

    For 2007-11 M8/HCR/Crossfire 800, M-1000/Crossfire 1000