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SLP High Flow Intake Kit - Ski Doo XP (Carb)

SLP High Flow™ Intake Kit - Ski Doo XP (Carb)

Ref: 14-129

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High Flow Intake Kit
This High Flow Intake Kit for the Ski-Doo XP increases the air intake surface area by 33% to reduce the chance of the intake plugging in powder snow conditions.
  • Located higher than the stock intake and within reach of the rider so that any snow that collects on it can be easily wiped away
  • Kit consist of a molded plastic adapter that seals between the stock airbox and the hood along with an intake grate that utilizes our pre-filter material that repels snow and water while passing air right through
  • This kit is a must for anyone riding powder snow conditions

  • 2008-13 Ski-Doo XP (Carb)