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Hot Air Elimination Kit, Right - Ski-Doo REV

Hot Air Elimination™ Kit, Right - Ski-Doo REV

Ref: 14-120

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The REV is in desperate need of addiditional chassis ventilation to eliminate unwanted underhood heat build up. This kit effectively forces cold air into the chassis via two Flow-Rite Intake Kits located in the rear of the shock tower. It then evacuates the hot air out of the chassis via an attractive brushed aluminum outlet grate. The outlet grate utilizes a powder snow pre-filter to eliminate powder snow build up or ingestion.

Hot Air Elimination Kit includes:
  • (1) Air Outlet Grate
  • (2) Flow-Rite Intake Kits.

    Right Hand (Exhaust Side) Hot Air Elimination Kit for Ski-Doo REV

    Note: Will not fit RT chassis models