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High Flow Air Horn Intake Kit - Polaris

High Flow™ Air Horn Intake Kit - Polaris

Ref: 14-115

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Total Price:    $59.95

The SLP High Flow Air Horn converts the top of your airbox to increase intake air velocity.
This kit delivers more available air volume into the airbox improving atomization efficiency of fuel in turn improving throttle response and providing an additional 3 hp peak.
  • Good improvement for stock sleds, mandatory for modified ones
  • SLP recommends using Flow-Rite Intake Filters or Upper Dash Intake Vent in conjuction with the Air Horn kit (sold separately)

  • 2003-05 XC
  • 2006-09 600 HO IQ Carb except RR
  • 2002-05 RMK & Pro-X