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Straightline Silencer - Ski Doo 2005-07 1000cc

Straightline Silencer - Ski Doo 2005-07 1000cc

Ref: 134-111

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Straightline's lightweight silencers were designed for today's noise conscious states/providences in mind. They produce a lower tone while keeping peak volume similar to stock. SPI lightweight mufflers come with full ceramic coating for excellent under hood heat elimination and great look. All mufflers come with excellent fit with extreme quality.
  • Ceramic coated
  • Excellent fit & finish
  • No modifications needed to install
  • The sound produced has a lower, however peak volume is similar to stock
  • Can be used with Straightline Single Pipe

  • 1000 Mach Z / Summit 2005-07
  • Lightweight Muffler Polished Ceramic
  • 12 lb. Weight Loss