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LowPro GripGlides - Double Set

LowPro GripGlides - Double Set

Ref: 13327

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Designed specifically for those that carry both ATV's and snowmobiles.
  • Great for Enclosed Trailer Doors and Tilt Trailers! No More Slipping!
  • Provides excellent traction when loading and unloading your ATV
  • Drastically reduces friction when loading and unloading your snowmobile
  • 9" wide to accommodate a 14" ski stance variance
  • Uniquely made to be supported off the trailer deck
  • Holes on top to make washing after a muddy day effortless
  • HDPE guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or wear out

    16 - 2 1/2' Pieces
    Double Set (40 Feet Total)
    Four 10' runs (2 Sleds or ATVs)