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Cobra Adjustable - Yamaha RX-1

Cobra Adjustable - Yamaha RX-1

Ref: 10447010

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Tired of being stuck 50 miles from home when the weather takes a turn for the worst? Now you can be prepared for any riding condition with the Cobra adjustable windshield kit. On a warm day, the adjustable windshield inconspicuously tucks behind your existing windshield. If the temperature drops or your woodland trail suddenly turns into 20 miles of straight rail grade, you can simply pull up your adjustable windshield for an added 3" of protection.
  • Easily mounts to your existing windshield, Cobra brand or O.E.
  • Unmatched strength & cold weather flexibility
  • Customize your windshield height for your current riding condition
  • Adjustable for 0 to +3"
  • Kit includes adjustable windshield portion (clear), hardware and instructions
  • Does NOT include windshield
  • Kit will work on low, mid & high windshields

    For Yamaha RX-1
  • PRICE REDUCED! Was $56.95