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Dash Bag by Holeshot for Polaris Rush, RMK

Dash Bag by Holeshot for Polaris Rush, RMK

Ref: 10026780

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Dash Bag Overview Video

When you set out for an adventure, we understand it’s important to have the essentials along with a few extras. This snow tight bag was meticulously designed to maximize every inch of space available. A completely protected mesh storage pocket fits behind the headlights to easily hold two pair of goggles and keep them warm, dry and safe. By strategically positioning the guage, a large, easy access space was created to store gloves, hats, sunglasses and snacks. We didn’t stop there -- we know it’s important to keep track of smaller but important items, so mesh pockets were designed to hold truck keys, lip balm or a wallet.

The Holeshot Dash Bag not only offers bountiful storage, it’s the first and only bag to provide a convenient location for a smartphone. The clear vinyl window allows full touchscreen functionality without exposing your phone to the elements. Check weather, trail maps or simply see how many riding hours are left, all while keeping your device clean and dry. Don’t have a smartphone? This spot can easily hold a GPS device or a trail map for convenient viewing. What’s even better? This innovative bag installs in just minutes and requires no tools