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RydeFX Air 2.0 Shock - Arctic Cat

RydeFX Air 2.0 Shock - Arctic Cat

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The focus of the RydeFX Air 2.0 was to take a unique approach to developing a gas spring damper which would not only overcome the shortfalls associated with traditional air spring shock absorber designs, but also set a new precedence in damper design.

Aside from eliminating approximately 1.0 lb. of weight off each corner of a snowmobiles front suspension, as compared with a coil over monotube design; the unique characteristic of the AIR 2.0 resides in it patented oil porting and integrated cylinder design which incorporates twin gas chambers that provide dual rate spring adjustability. This streamline approach eliminates the need for external gas chambers that are more susceptible to air leakage and have significant pressure to overcome during the initial stage of shock stroke.

Unlike other "springless" shock absorber designs, the AIR 2.0 has transposed the single purpose of an internal floating piston into multifunctional gas spring chambers. Within the larger 47mm aluminum cylinder, gas spring pressures can be set in a range of approximately 50-100 psi to allow adjustments in front suspension sag and for an initial lower "spring" rate within the range of 1.0" - 1.5" of shock stroke. The second gas spring chamber is located in the 37mm hardened chrome finished cylinder which doubles as a durable damper rod that lubricates the shaft seals and ice scraper as it travels in-and-out of the 47mm shock body, thereby eliminating any possible traits of excessive friction. The gas chamber within the 37mm rod cylinder can be set in a range of approximately 120-220 psi to allow for a stiffer "spring" rate that controls the remaining travel in shock stroke.

This level of integration of twin gas spring chambers within a single body configuration combines light weight responsiveness for high speed handling and rough trail riding as well as remarkable comfort due to the plusher initial spring rate.

RydeFX AIR 2.0 ski shocks are sold as a pair with a pump included.

Arctic Cat
  • 2007 F5 / F6 / F8 EFI LXR
  • 2008 F5 / F6 / F8 Models
  • 2007-08 Jaguar Z1 Models

    Extended Length: 17.5"
    Collapsed Length: 11.5"

    Sold in Pairs

  • PRICE REDUCED! Was $647.95