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SLP Clutch Press Tool

SLP Clutch Press Tool

Ref: 20-222

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SLP Clutch Press Tools have been widely accepted as the most efficient clutch compression tool available.
This revolutionary drive and driven clutch servicing tool is designed specifically for compressing and holding springs for ease of assembly and disassembly. Wrestling with the clutch or need for a second person to help is now history!
  • Compact - can be used for field testing or production clutch repair on the shop bench
  • High quality metal construction with powder coated finish
  • Quality, functional tool that is extremely durable
  • Design incorporates adjustable stand-offs that can be adjusted in and out to allow proper fit for many different clutches

  • Arctic Cat Drive/Driven Clutches (3 or 4 weight clutches)
  • Polaris Drive/Driven (ATV, P2, RZR,TEAM Rapid Reaction and Tied Clutches)
  • TEAM Rapid Reaction TSS-98, TSS-04, and Tied Secondary Clutch

    Note: Does not work on Arctic Cat Diamond Drive & BOSS Driven Clutch

    Sold Per Each