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V-Front Ramp Shield w/ LowPro GripGlides

V-Front Ramp Shield w/ LowPro GripGlides

Ref: 13404

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Protects your snomobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles from road grime, rocks, and salt while hauling
  • Universal design fits most open trailers
  • 30" tall
  • Aerodynamic design to help with gas mileage
  • Our new LowPro GripGlides are installed on the ramp to make unloading your snowmobile and ATV easier
  • Molded Grips down the center to give your snowmobile track traction
  • Protective gate to keep your skis away from the bumper of your tow vehicle
  • Lightweight HDPE guaranteed not to crack, chip, break, of wear out
  • Stainless steel hardware included