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SLP Single Pipe Set, 2017-18 Ski Doo 850cc

SLP Single Pipe Set, 2017-18 Ski Doo 850cc

Ref: 09-867

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Increased horsepower and lighter weight; two things SLP exhaust systems are well known for. We strive hard to give you the most useable, consistent horsepower available in the snowmobile industry. What sets SLP apart from the rest? Each exhaust system goes through a rigorous engineering process including dyno testing and field verification. This ensures maximum horsepower with unmatched reliability. Most of these exhausts are finished with ceramic coating which not only looks great, but also reduces radiant heat emissions by as much as 40%, resulting in cooler underhood temperatures. Also included in these kits are detailed instructions which include clutching and jetting (if applicable) and EFI mapping information so that you can enjoy the opportunities you have to ride instead of tuning.

  • 2017-18 850 MXZ and Renegade G4 REV
  • 2017-18 850 Summit G4 REV