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SLP Single Pipe Set - Polaris 800cc

SLP Single Pipe Set - Polaris 800cc

Ref: 09-801

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Discount Valid through 11/27/17

Swing the Axys into your favor with this new single pipe set.
  • Additional 9 horsepower
  • Weight savings of 13 pounds on trail models and 14.5 pounds on mountain models
  • SLP tested and passed the SAE J-2567 stationary sound test below 88 decibels
  • Finished with ceramic coating which not only looks great, but also reduces radiant heat emissions by as much as 40%, resulting in cooler underhood temperatures.
  • No fueling changes required!
  • Era 2014 Silencing Technology.

  • 2018 800 HO Axys (Rush Pro S/X, Switchback Pro S/X, Switch back Assault, 800 XCR
  • 2018 800 HO Axys RMK, Assault RMK and SKS

    For proper seal, use

    610-011 Silicone