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HPE's Price Match Program

Our goal is always to get you your parts fast and at a fair price. With our new Price Match Program, you are sure to get the product you need at the best price available. Here are the guidelines for our program:

  • HPE must have the item in stock
  • Price match only applies to items over $100
  • Price match applies to total cost which includes shipping, handling, taxes and any other fees
  • Item must be an exact match (Manufacturer, mfg item #, color, etc)
  • HPE must be able to verify competitor's price by web site, catalog or advertisement (not by phone). The customer must provide HPE with this information:
    • Company advertising the lower price
    • The web site, magazine or catalog the price is in
    • The part number of the item
    • The method of payment
    • The shipping address
  • The item must be from an authorized snowmobile or ATV parts and accessories retailer (not EBay, classified ad, CraigsList, etc)
  • HPE will not match a competitor's closeout price
  • Hi-Performance Engineering reserves the right to deny any price match for any reason. HPE will be the sole judge of all deals.