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Dayco XTX Belt - Yamaha Viper

Dayco XTX Belt - Yamaha Viper

Ref: XTX5058

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Dayco XTXTM (Extreme Torque) Snowmobile Belt
Bred from a rich history of experienced belt builders, the Dayco XTX is specifically engineered to maximize the performance of high horsepower snowmobiles. Specially formulated high temperature Polymer along with the highest level of engineered reinforcement proves to perform better in belt operating temperature and efficiency than leading competitors. Its innovative break-through design of deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom yield the advantages of ultimate flexibility and longer belt life.

  • Designed to maximize the performance of high horsepower engines
  • Manufactured from specially formulated high-temperature Polymer and a design with deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom
  • Faster and more consistent throttle response and higher speeds and quicker throttle response at mid-speed acceleration
  • Greater secondary acceleration at high rpms and as primary acceleration increases
  • Offers better performance during deceleration (more responsive engine braking)
  • Provides more power to track
  • Reduction in slippage during the highest levels of torque
  • Tested and proven to be reliable at well over 12,000 rpm
  • Operates at a cooler running temperature

  • 2014 SR Viper LTX
  • 2015-16 SR Viper LTX DX / SR Viper LTX LE / SR Viper MTX 153"
  • 2014-16 SR Viper LTX SE
  • 2016 SR Viper MTX 141" SE / SR Viper MTX 153" LE / SR Viper MTX 162"
  • 2015-16 SR Viper MTX 153" SE / SR Viper MTX 162" LE / SR Viper MTX 162" SE / SR Viper RTX DX
  • 2014-16 SR Viper RTX SE
  • 2016 SR Viper STX 137" DX / SR Viper STX 146" DX
  • 2015 SR Viper STX DX
  • 2015-16 SR Viper XTX LE / SR Viper RTX LE
  • 2014-16 SR Viper XTX SE