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Fastlane No Sno Running Boards Fastlane No Sno Running Boards
Ref: Fastlane No-Snos
Fastlane's revolutionary No Sno Running Boards were designed to help alleviate the snow/ice build up that commonly occurs when riding the steep and deep. Aluminum is like a magnet for snow! Even though the new factory designed running boards have holes in them, once snow starts to stick, it just keeps building up. This can create a very uneasy riding situation. By using a high strength, low temp, impact resistant plastic, we have developed the first running board insert that resists snow build up when strengthening the running board, allowing the snow to slide right off and pass through. This kit includes both sides as utilizes stainless steel hardware for easy installation, and also includes our traction kit that allows you to put the traction where you want it.

Arctic Cat '03-'06 No Sno

Ref: NS-MC

2 In Stock

Arctic Cat '05-'07 No Sno

Ref: NS-AC05


Arctic Cat '08-'11 No Sno

Ref: NS-AC08

4 In Stock

Arctic Cat 2012+ No Sno

Ref: NS-AC12

12 In Stock

Ski Doo No Sno

Ref: NS-SD

12 In Stock

Polaris '09-'10 No Sno

Ref: NS-P

4 In Stock

Polaris 2011+ No Sno

Ref: NS-P2
Polaris 2011+
6 In Stock

Powder Grips Powder Grips
Ref: 117-PG
  • Provides aggressive traction, a more level feeling platform with an open self-cleaning design
  • Open holes allow snow to drop through running board
  • Snow deflecting design keeps snow from coming up through running board
  • Easy installation with 1-5/8" hole saw (saw guide sold below)
  • Care must be taken when installing on sleds with cooling systems under the running boards to avoid damaging coolers.
  • Great product for many 2000-08 model sleds (Rev, M-Series, Crossfire, IQ and more) with flat closed off running boards. Not for use on late model 2009-11 open running board designs.
  • Durable cold resistant plastic. Package includes 6 Powder Grips and 12 rivets; typically enough for one side - two packages per sled is most common for short track sleds. Mountain sleds may use 9 per side (3 packs).

Aluminum Hole Saw Guide

Ref: 117006
Guide used for installing Powder Grips listed above.
2 In Stock

Surefoot Running Board Grips Surefoot Running Board Grips
  • Extended wrap around tunnel roll eliminates sharp edges for improved fit and prevents cover wear when trailering
  • Custom designed to fit specific brands and models. Not generic 'one size fits all'
  • Aluminum construction is more durable than plastic and will not fade or crack
  • Traction holes in plate and tunnel roll provide secure footing while standing or sitting
  • Large round traction holes resist snow buildup yet will not tear up suits and boot soles
  • Surefoot III covers most of the running board - FULL LENGTH
  • Sold in pairs with rivet and complete instructions for installation

Installation Instructions

Surefoot II - Aluminum

Ref: 726-460
Total Price:    $60.95

Surefoot II - Green

Ref: 726-473
Total Price:    $65.95

Surefoot II Running Board Grips - Polaris

Fits Polaris (except Edge, Pro-X, IQ, Fusion and Rush) - 23" length

Surefoot II - Aluminum

Ref: 726-455
2 In Stock

Surefoot Scratch Pads Surefoot Scratch Pads
  • Aluminum running board traction pads offering unmatched versatility.
  • Combination pack offers traction regardless of running board shape or size.
  • 4 x 8 foot pad with smaller 1.5 x 3.5 pads for easy placement
  • Large round holes resist snow build-up
  • Fastened with rivets and can be trimmed to fit tight areas
  • Sold in packs of 2 large pads, 8 small pads, rivets and instructions

Scratch Pads

Ref: 726-440
Total Price:    $37.95
2 In Stock

Scratch Pads

Ref: 726-441
Total Price:    $56.95

Grip Strips Grip Strips
  • Aluminum construction is more durable than plastic and will not fade or crack
  • Large round holes resist snow buildup yet will not tear up suits and boot soles
  • Extended wrap around tunnel roll eliminates sharp edges for an improved fit and prevents cover wear when trailering

Strips are 33" (Std model) in length and can be cut to a custom fit. For long track sleds, Extenders can be added if extra length is needed. Sold in pairs with rivets and instructions for installation

Grip Strip Installation Instructions

Grip Strips - Standard Model

Grip Strips - Aluminum

Ref: 726-414
Total Price:    $30.95
2 In Stock

Grip Strips - Black

Ref: 726-416
Total Price:    $35.95
5 In Stock

Grip Strips - Green

Ref: 726-418
Total Price:    $35.95
2 In Stock

Grip Strips - Red

Ref: 726-420
Total Price:    $35.95
2 In Stock

Grip Strips - Arctic Cat '02 & Newer (Square Style)

Grip Strips - Aluminum

Ref: 726-421
Total Price:    $9.95
4 In Stock

Grip Strip Kit

Ref: 117-002
  • Rivet on running board traction
  • 3.25" long x 1.25" wide x .5" tall
  • 12 pieces (use 6 per side)
  • Includes rivets

34 In Stock

Ski-Doo Rev XP (2008-12) Footrests

Ref: 32-594
These angled footrests mount in the footwell area of Ski-Doo XP models. They provide a more comfortable position for your feet when in the seated position. They also give you more control by allowing you to grip the top side of the footwell with the toe of your boot. When riding in a standup position they keep your feet from sliding forward into the footwell area. Sold per pair with mounting hardware.

Race Brace Race Brace
Ref: 726-RB
Fits 2008-11 XP MXZ & Renegade

  • Aluminum
  • Helps prevent sagging running boards on these new lightweight models.
  • Adds a personalized "touch of class"
  • Leaves all snow drain holes open and still plenty of boot grip surface
  • Sold in pairs with mounting rivets.

Race Brace

Ref: 726-444
5 In Stock

Race Brace

Ref: 726-445
1 In Stock

Trim for Running Boards, Radius Rods & Steering Arms Trim for Running Boards, Radius Rods & Steering Arms
This is a simple and inexpensive way to add color to your snowmobile. It also protects your running boards from dings. They snap over IFS parts (radius rods & steering arms) for a neat extra touch of color and protection. The trim is made of tough, color impregnated high density polyethylene - the color won't scratch off. Trim comes in 4' hollow tubes with a lengthwise slit. They snap over running boards or suspension parts and won't pop off. Sold per pair.

Black Trim

Ref: 117-104
Total Price:    $11.95
4 In Stock



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