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Stud Boy Super-Lite  Backers

Stud Boy Super-Lite Backers

The “Super-Lite” backer is designed for the rider who is looking for light-weight stud support and vibrant colors.

These backers are made from new engineered polymers that are lighter than aluminum, while maintaining excellent strength.

“Super-Lite” backers are available in (3) three styles and (6) six colors - black, white, red, green, yellow, and blue.

Stud Boy's “Super-Lite” Double Backer is used for standard tracks using Stud Boy's regular “Power Point” type carbide studs.

The “Super-Lite +PLUS” Single Backer is a larger 1.450” square backer to be used on all tracks (including Single Ply) with any of our 5/16” carbide studs.

Stud Boy's “Super-Lite +PLUS” Double Backer is for the new Single Ply tracks using studs with large heads like Stud Boy's “Power Point +PLUS” stud.