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Dayco HPX Belt - 1998 Ski Doo 600-800cc

Dayco HPX Belt - 1998 Ski Doo 600-800cc

Ref: HPX5018

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Dayco HPXTM (High Performance Extreme) Snowmobile Belt
Featuring Dayco's Top Cog design for increased flexibility and longer belt life, this high horsepower belt is constructed with over-sized p-aramid cords and CTV rubber compounding to deliver the increased strength and durability that's required to stand up to today's higher snowmobile engine RPM's and operating temperatures. Enjoy the exhilaration that comes from knowing that when you need to "clutch-down" the Dayco HPX Snowmobile Belt will deliver a full range of power to attack any terrain without a loss of horsepower.

  • Designed for use on high horsepower snowmobiles
  • Will withstand higher engine rpms and higher operating temperatures
  • Increased flexibility and longer life with Dayco's Top Cog design
  • Manufactured from over-sized p-aramid cords and CVT rubber compounding for increased strength and durability

    Note: Always install belt with arrow pointing to the front of the vehicle

    All 1998:
  • Formula III 600 / Formula III 600 LT / Formula III 600 R / Formula III 700 / Formula III 700 R
  • Grand Touring 700 / Grand Touring 700 SE
  • Mach 1 / Mach 1 R
  • Mach Z 800 / Mach Z 800 LT / Mach Z 800 LT R / Mach Z 800 LT Super V Track / Mach Z 800 R