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Plow Mount - Gen II - 2013-16 CF Moto U-Force 800 UTV

Plow Mount - Gen II - 2013-16 CF Moto U-Force 800 UTV

Ref: AE2872

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Fits Gen II Style American Eagle Plows
The Gen. II Plow System is designed for those who want an install with front access. This system mounts to the front of you ATV frame with a Model Specific Mount that is composed of both machine and push tube mounts. All together, this system has four major components; The Model Specific Front Mount, Gen. II Push Tube, Eagle Swivel System and the Eagle Plow Blade of preference. The blade can only be lifted using a winch.
  • The Gen. II Plow System is manufactured in Minnesota, USA, from American steel
  • Each piece of the system is powder-coated in Jet Black for a long lasting finish.

    CF Moto Specific UTV Front Mount:
  • Made from 7 gauge steel & attaches with grade 5 hardware
  • Offers Quick-Latch brackets for instant engage & disengage of plow system
  • Some mounts recommended to be removed in off-season to maintain ground clearance

    This Plow Mount For:
  • 2013-16 U-Force 800