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Ski-Doo Custom Ramp - TRA 3/5/7

Ski-Doo Custom Ramp - TRA 3/5/7

Ref: 950022

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Accelerator Trail Ramps for TRA 3/5/7 primary Ski-doo clutches are custom cut to pull hard through the mid-range and still give great top end. The profile is a modified version of the stock OEM 414 ramp. They will work with stock or aftermarket arms, rollers, and springs. Bolt-in performance on stock application sleds, used by tuners on other models and in our Accelerator Clutch Kits.

The 414 ramp is stock on:
  • 2007 800HO
  • 2008 600MXZ/Renegade
  • 2008-11 800R MXZ
  • 2010-17 800R MXZ E-tec.