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Koso Black Heated Grips/Thumb pad with LED Indicator

Koso Black Heated Grips/Thumb pad with LED Indicator

Ref: 908-137

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  • Durable construction and plenty of heat output
  • Adjustable heat control
  • LED illuminated heat indicator
  • Set includes connecting wire with heater switch and handlebar bracket
  • Included wiring harness will not interfere with throttle or brake control
  • For use with battery
  • Low voltage warning will automatically shut-off heated grips in case the voltage drops below 12V
  • Short circuit protection to help avoid damage to controls by cutting power to the grips in case of a short circuit
  • For thumb throttle (7/8 in.) with heated thumb pad
  • Grip glue available separately

    Included Items:
  • (2) Black rubber heated grips with 55 in. wire harnesses with fused power cord, 5 1/8 in. long x 1 3/4 in. diameter with one heat controller switch
  • (1) Handle bar bracket
  • (2) Velcro strip
  • (2) Bar end clamps
  • (2) 2mm x 8mm button head phillips screws
  • (2) 3mm x 12mm buttonhead phillips screws
  • (1) Tube of super glue liquid
  • (1) Strip of heat shrink
  • (1) Strip of foam
  • (1) Strip of double sided tape
  • (1) Thumb warmer with 24 in. wire harness
  • (1) 18 "Y" wire harness with two prong connectors