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Catzilla Cap

Catzilla Cap

Ref: 900-624

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Back in the day, HPE custom built race engines - thanks to HPE founder Glen Follet, who was a genius at creating Suzuki-based 3-cylinder engines from two twin-cylinder engines.
The crankcase was cut and welded in special jigs and fixtures designed to hold the case true (which elminated the need for line boring and decking, which requires the use of multiple base gaskets)
They were custom made in 508cc, 660cc, 795cc, 975cc, and 1050cc (the 975cc & 1050cc triples stemmed from 650cc and 700cc Wildcat engines)
These engines featured the strength and ability to run true - season after season.
HPE even customized the top end - depending on if the engine was being built for lake use, trail use, or open mod racing.
These engines acquired the nickname "Catzilla", and these caps are the authentic commemorative apparel from that time period - you can own a piece of history!

  • Silver Metallic and Green direct embroidery